Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


“I recently attended my best friend’s wedding as a ring-bearer. Look, I love her, she’s smart, funny, caring, and extra in all the right ways. I even like the guy she married. They are totally made for each other. But, when I saw the wedding tutu I had to wear, I just about flipped. My ex-boything Teddy was going to be there and I was totally ready to make him jealous. Then this? Praise the heavens, the hair stylist was on point and I looked stunning, despite those rags I had to wear. Anyway, Teddy wouldn’t stop talking to me, and not-so-casually mentioning his open relationship. I told him, the only thing I’m open to, is cheese. I was so annoyed that I think I actually got over him that night. Since then, I’m feeling free, confident, and my tail is wagging more than ever. What started as a wardrobe tragedy, turned into a night of healing for me. And, looking back, I looked pretty darn cute in that outfit.”

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