I grew up in Massachusetts always trying to get laughs out of people. I spent most of my time on a computer creating things, such as a family newspaper, or playing some sort of learning game. I decided to go to college in North Carolina, away from friends and family, as a way to maximize my discomfort, and therefore growth. Elon University may have given me a nice scholarship too which may have factored into the decision. I’ve modeled my career in a Renaissance style; Diving into diverse fields and learning as much as possible in order to be the most well-rounded businessman I can be. The most influential experiences I’ve had in the workforce were, being responsible for the entertainment and safety of children as a camp counselor, doing social media and field marketing for two successful companies, and finally starting my own non-profit in an effort to end homelessness. Please take a look around this page to see what I’ve worked on and what’s currently on my plate. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any inquiries!