Comprehensive List of Start-Up’s Founded


The Good Funds Inc.



The aim is to give people experiencing homelessness jobs as fundraisers for the organizations that serve them. Money is collected digitally by scanning a QR-code and 50% is given to the homeless person in a weekly paycheck. The payment is mailed to a caseworker to be distributed to the fundraiser during a meeting, ensuring the one-on-one support needed to assist in getting off the streets.


The Graveyard:



Mobile platform for people to provide one-on-one support using live streaming video. A person would name what they were an expert in and set a price for their knowledge. People could find experts, pay the amount asked, and receive the service they needed, all over live video chat. As we used to say, people could get off “hold”, by getting Offhold instant service. Disbanded due to lack of partner interest. I learned how to create marketing videos, the value of investing my own money in an endeavor, and idea development.



A custom beer brewing company. Fill out a questionnaire online and we create a beer fit to your tastebuds. Complete with custom labels, these beers were ideal for special occasions like weddings, bachelor parties, or birthdays. To create a larger market, we also aimed to create house brews for restaurants and bars that they could serve as their own. Fell apart due to funding. I learned how to work with others in the very early stages of an idea, manage the waves of emotion that come with a start-up, and social media marketing.